Beginners Program – Intro

The beginners program is specifically designed for beginners who want to embark on their yoga journey from scratch or strengthen and empower themselves in the basics of yoga.

The program focuses on how to practice basic yoga poses safely, correctly and skillfully. It also focuses on basic breathing exercises. The program includes 7 classes, where each one focuses on a specific area of the body.

Beginners Program 1. Basic poses

The second class of the beginners program focuses on the basic yoga poses. The class begins with an abdominal breathing exercise and then explores the basic yoga poses that you will encounter in most yoga classes.

Beginners Program 2. Hips

The third session of the beginners program focuses on the hips area. We will focus in this class on the plank position, the low cobra, the downward dog pose and the warrior pose. In addition to other poses that help extend and expand the hip area and thus rid you of the negative feelings that are sometimes stored in this area.

Beginners Program 3. Backbends

The third class of the beginners program focuses on the upper body, specifically on backbends. The aim of this class is to teach you how to stretch the back, straighten the spine, and relieve back pain. In addition to exercises targeting the shoulders and chest area.

Beginners Program 4. Twists

The fifth class of the beginners program focuses on twists, which are very important exercises for the spine. These exercises help to increase the flexibility of the spine, relieve back pain and improve digestion.

Beginners Program 5. Strength

The sixth class of the beginners program focuses on strengthening the entire body, especially the legs, shoulders and abs. When practicing yoga it is important to find the balance between strength and flexibility so that the body remains healthy. These exercises prepare the body for more complex exercises at more advanced levels.

Beginners Program 6. Inversions

The seventh class of the beginners program focuses on inversions that help stimulate blood circulation in the body, increase immunity, and achieve a balance between the mind and the body. Inversion exercises in this class are specially designed to suit beginners while ensuring the same benefits that can be gained in more advanced inversions.

Beginners Program 7. Bringing it all together

The eighth class of the beginners program is a flow targeting the full body. This class covers all the poses we have learned in the previous lessons of the beginners program, in addition to new breathing exercises.

Manifestation Program – 1. Intro (Arabic)

Manifestation Program – Session 1 : Intro

The Manifestation Program is a series of meditations designed to help us attract and manifest what we desire in our lives.

In order to be able to activate the energy of attraction, we must understand the universal laws that govern us and everything that transpires in our lives. One of the most important laws of the universe is the law of attraction. The simplest and most important concept of the Law of Attraction is that energies that are similar in vibrations are attracted to each other. By adjusting our own energy we can impact the energy of the world around us.

Listen to this intro to learn more about these concepts and this program

In addition to this intro the The program includes 4 meditations to attract and manifest abundance, peace, love and health.

2 – Manifest Abundance (Arabic)

Manifestation Program – Session 2 : Manifest Abundance

This session of the manifestation program focuses on the key to attract abundance into our lives, and the relationship of our thoughts and believes in attracting abundance. The session includes a short intro followed by a meditation focused on Abundance

3 – Manifest Health (Arabic)

Manifestation Program – Session 3 : Manifest Health

This session of the manifestation program focuses on our relationship with our body and how this relationship affects our health.  The meditation is designed to train us on how to communicate with our bodies with love.

4 – Manifest Love (Arabic)

Manifestation Program – Session 4 : Manifest Love

This session of the manifestation program introduces us to three things that must be accomplished in order to manifest love in our lives. This meditation is designed to achieve these three things so that love can unfold in our lives.