Day 2 – Gentle Practice for Beginners – عربي

An easy and gentle practice for beginners to open the whole body in preparation for more advanced practices.

Recommended props: 2 blocks, a small blanket, a cushion and a strap.

Day 4 – Balanced Flow for the Whole Body – عربي

A progressive balanced flow that includes postures from all families of poses with a focus on correct alignment as well as concentration and awareness.

Lougal is assisted in this class by his lovely wife and yogi Mathilde.

This class is not suitable for absolute beginners and should be practiced with care.


Recommended props: 1 bolster.

Day 7 – Yoga Nidra for Calm and Ease – عربي

A classical tantric meditation involving a journey of awareness around the body, breath focus and basic visualization.

Recommended props: a small blanket and a bolster.


The Journey of the Breath – عربي

A simple but deep meditation focusing on the breath in different areas of the body, from the nostrils to the abdomen.

Recommended props: a cushion.

Step by Step Tutorial to Headstand – عربي

Learn to get safely into headstand through a progressive session focusing on all aspects of this crucial yoga pose. Many intermediary positions are included before full headstand is practiced, allowing you to adapt this session to your current level.


It should be noted however that this is a challenging class that is not suitable for beginners.  You should stop immediately if you feel any pain or discomfort.


Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 strap and wall space.

Quick Reset

Reset your mind and body in this simple 5 minutes’ mediation exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime and in any position!

Power and Stamina Flow

A challenging flow to build legs and arms strength as well as endurance. Includes several arm balances in addition to strong standing poses and splits.


This is an advanced class that requires a strong yoga base and is not suitable for beginners.