Day 1 – Flow with your Breath (Arabic)

The meaning of Vinyasa is “to move with the breath.” This class will teach you how to flow with comfort and proper alignment. Synchronizing each movement with your breath will create a heating effect and will leave you feeling energized and focused.

Recommended props: 1 block.

Day 2 – Gentle Practice for Beginners (Arabic)

An easy and gentle practice for beginners to open the whole body in preparation for more advanced practices.

Recommended props: 2 blocks, a small blanket, a cushion and a strap.

Day 3 – Stretch hips & lower back (Arabic)

Flow from one asana (pose) to another by learning the proper alignment of basic hip openers. This sequence will loosen any tightness in your hips. It will also help you improve mobility in the hip joint and relieve lower back pain.

Day 4 – Balanced Flow for the Whole Body (Arabic)

A progressive balanced flow that includes postures from all families of poses with a focus on correct alignment as well as concentration and awareness.

Lougal is assisted in this class by his lovely wife and yogi Mathilde.

This class is not suitable for absolute beginners and should be practiced with care.


Recommended props: 1 bolster.

Power and Stamina Flow

A challenging flow to build legs and arms strength as well as endurance. Includes several arm balances in addition to strong standing poses and splits.


This is an advanced class that requires a strong yoga base and is not suitable for beginners.

Strong & Sweaty Flow

This class will challenge most aspects of your practice: balances, core, arm balances (crow, Eka Pada Koundinyasana II) and will guide you to handstand!

This practice will leave you feeling empowered and energized.


Disclaimer: this is not a class for beginners, make sure that you have a good yoga base if you wish to follow this class.


Recommended props: 1 block.

Quick 20 Minutes Flow

Warm up with sun salutation A&B, built some heat with vinyasa, and finish with a quick but effective stretching. Get power in 20min!


Recommended props: 1 block.

30 min Beginner’s Flow

This is a 30 minutes’ easy flow for beginners where you will practice some fundamental and basic yoga poses such as downward dog, mountain pose, sun salutation C and some balancing poses.


The class will start with a short breathing exercise that will help you center yourself and prepare to flow.


Recommended props: 1 strap and 1 block.

Wind Down Evening Flow

You had a long day and need a soothing but dynamic class to conclude it beautifully; this practice is for you! We will flow slowly between poses to release and unwind the whole body.